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A) PLCs Panels:-

1) Pallwin Automation offers a wide range of PLCs Make & Automation Panels which have carried out applications across various industries. Our panels are manufactured using high grade raw materials as Industrial standards, best accessible manufacturing technologies and quality tested components. To assure superior performance and precision functioning of our panels, the units are wired and functionally tested to ensure their reliability and continuous, hassle-free and error-free operation. We offer PLC panels and PLC control panels that are manufactured and designed to meet the requirements of various turnkey process plants. Our PLC control panels can be interfaced with PLC for auto operations. These precision engineered panels are appreciated by the clients for meeting the exact demands of automation.

What does the process of PLC Panel Building encompass?
The PLC panel building process should start by conducting some basic but vital research. It is of the utmost importance to deliver a quality PLC panel which meets customers' needs, keeping the cost to a minimum, and always allowing for future changes. The client should pick from a list containing control specifications to ensure the manufacturer knows exactly what the client wants. These specs will be used to mold the concept design for the PLC panel layout and subsequently cover all aspects of the PLC panel's components, which include safety criteria, design review requirements, and drawing formats.

The incoming electrical criteria of the PLC panel such as desired Hertz, phases, and voltage should be identified. The control voltage requirements regarding inputs and outputs also need to be discussed during this stage. Clients are asked to tell the manufacturer about their preferred brands of motor starters, power supplies, general relays, safety relays, circuit breakers, and disconnects to be used on the PLC panel.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) is the most important component on the PLC panel to spec out. The entire PLC panel will be based around the programmable logic controller. Most businesses have a preferred programmable logic controller brand due to training on and thus familiarity with that specific brand or software. If it so happens that the client does not specify a brand, the manufacturer should make a selection from a preferred line of processors.

As soon as the components have been selected, the lay-out of the PLC panel should begin. This will determine the size of the PLC panel.

The ductwork around the outside edges of the PLC panel should be done next. All wire-way ductwork and any components that will go on the PLC panel should be checked to ensure it is level and square to the PLC panel.

Once the outside ductwork is completed, it is time for the internal ductwork. If PLC panel lay-outs are not available ahead of time, all items to be placed on the PLC panel should be present to ensure the internal ductwork is placed in a way that will leave enough room to access wiring points.

Before placing any items on the PLC panel beyond the duct and DIN rail, the duct should be drilled out to accommodate the enclosure bolts.

All wiring should be done as neatly as possible and labeled evenly. All motor starters, relays, circuit breakers, and fuses should be labeled accordingly. A small, handheld sticker machine is usually used for component identification.

After the PLC panels have been completely wired, a PLC panel inspection checklist should be used to ensure the PLC panel is ready for use. At the end of the build, some key questions should be answered. Some of these questions include: Are the motor overloads adjusted to the correct amperage? Is the duct drilled out for the enclosure bolts? Are all fuses inserted? Are all terminal blocks properly labeled?

At the completion of the PLC panel inspection the manufacturer should stamp the PLC panel with an approval stamp. This signals that the PLC panel is ready for operation.

Soft Starter & AC Drive Control Panels:-

Pallwin offer quality range of AC Drives for industrial automation and OEM equipment Meeting the demands of our clients, These AC drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in AC motor speed control that is made possible by experience and also proved the protections and smooth start of systems for wide range of industrial applications. Dedication to quality in design and manufacturing. Our AC Drives offers the benefits of network communications, support by software tools for parameter management, custom software options, and new ease of installation. For starting surge control applications even Soft Starters are used and we also provide Soft Starter Panels where the Soft Starters of various makes.

Power Control Centers.(PCC) / Motor Control Centers (MCC):-

Pallwin offers MCC & PCC panels as per customer's requirements.. These panels are made from fine quality raw materials and are extremely sturdy in build. These are also corrosion resistant and give accurate performance for a long time to come. Our PCC/ MCC panels find extensive applications in diverse industries that consist of sugar industry, paper industry, cement Industry, food industry, chemical industry, etc. Some of the prominent characteristic of our product are specified below:
--> Separate Busbar and Cable chambers
--> Compartmentalized design eliminates risk to maintenance personnel
--> Door interlock (with defeat feature) to avert accidental contact with lie terminals
--> Illumination in perpendicular cable chamber
--> Adequate space for incoming and outgoing cables
--> Shrouds on live incoming terminals

Types of starter In MCC panel :
--> DOL starter- Direct Online Starter
--> Stardelta Starter
--> VFD Starter
--> Soft Starter

The complete structure shall be rigid, self supporting & free from twists and bends. The panels will be totally dust and vermin proof. They will have fixed or draw out type executions as many be desired. Finish The entire panel will undergo pretreatment covering decreasing, water rinsing & de-rusting/ phosphating. It will be synthetic enamel painted or powder coated as per requirements. Bus Bars & Internal Wiring Uniform cross section copper Bus Bars (current density 1.39 amps/sq mm.) supported by SMC /DMC bases will be employed through out the length of the panel. Internal wiring be carried out with 11000/650 volt grade PVC insulated stranded conductor wire. All joints will be solidly crimped using copper thimbles Earthing Bus Bars will be running all along the board. Switch Gears/ Components Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to be used in the panel. Standards Our Panels confirms to the standards such as, IS 4237; IS 8623; IS 375 Switch Gears/ Components Along with the formal offer, the GA drawing and the bill of material will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to be used in the panel. We meet the requirements of International Standards along with compliance to local standards and regulations.

APFC Panels:-

Pallwin expert team of professionals, we offer our clients a wide range of APFC Panels that are highly efficient and energy saving. Designed with precision, these automatic power factor control panels (APFC) can adjust the current and system voltage. Our products are widely appreciated around the globe, owing to their excellent value and resistance to corrosion.

Sequential Control systems:-

Pallwin provides the Following Sequential control systems
A) Soot blower
B) Coal/ Ash handling control systems
C) Back Filter systems
D) Ignition systems.