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Pallwin Automation offer full turnkey solutions to our customers from initial application evaluation to Panel installation commissioning and training. Typical contract sizes range from £5,000 to £200,000 depending on complexity and the number of lines on to which equipment is installed.

Design & Development

From enquiry to deployment Pallwin assesses the requirements of an application and using our Engineers' comprehensive expertise, determine the best solution. Being an independent vendor and having a detailed understanding of the available technology platforms we are uniquely placed to specify and supply industry leading systems. It is essential that selections of proper hardware and software and sizing of control panels , Panels GA and Panels Electrical Dig. PLC IOs Listing , SACDA-HMI Tagging lighting, optics and algorithms are selected and applied to take account of product manufacturing variations, line speed, throughput and performance requirements. The design team is able to work with your engineering people to create the complete package from the initial concept of your project, through to the design and documentation of the installation cable routing and termination schedules.

Installation & Commissioning

Pallwin Engineers take responsibility for the installation and commissioning of our systems at customers' premises. All installations are subject to Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance tests and are in accordance with Health and Safety requirements. The substantial field experience of the Pallwin Automation team helps assure smooth installation and startup of your new system

Our Installation & Commissioning service offerings include:
--> System Installation Supervision
--> Control Panel Installation
--> Sighting of Flame Scanners/Detectors
--> Calibration of Field Devices
--> I/O Checks
--> Loop Tuning
--> System Operator Training
--> System Maintenance Training


Pallwin develop software at two levels - application level and Operator/User level.

Software is at the core of machine vision inspection systems. User Interfaces are required at Operator level and systems must reliably integrate and communicate with associated automation such as PLCs, SCADA - HMI systems, MES and Middleware.

Pallwin have experience of supplying and coding software to meet all these demands.

Manufacture, Assembly & Test

At Pallwin we use approved and appointed suppliers to manufacture control panels whilst taking full responsibility for the final assembly and test at our premises prior to delivery to site. Also taking the FAT & SAT with all necessary TEST on Control Panels. All Panels Manufacturing work is done according to approved GA and Control wringing dig. Also test the PLC Logic sequence. SACDA - HMI graphics and All Communications NWs.


All systems and technologies require maintenance, updating, application development, continuous improvement and general support. Pallwin and its team of Engineers are committed to ensuring our systems continue to meet expectations and performance requirements.


Pallwin offer standard, application or custom training at different levels as required.
--> Technology Introduction
--> Technology Application
--> Technology Transfer (post deployment) to all levels of personnel for on-going support and maintenance

Field Instrumentations

Pallwin expert team provide the commissioning field instruments like the pressure , temperature , Flow transmitter etc. as per industry standards with cable termination and calibration.